Turkish Towel is a legacy from our fathers;İn archeological excavations performed in anatolia,we have seen that our Textile history reaches back to thousands of years.Thanks to the long Standing history of our Country dates back to ancient times,We know that the first export made was 2000 years ago,made in textile industry from Leodicea to Rome.

From this point on view,we started the jouney to make BALNEA HOME  a brand in 2018. We are manufacturer and Wholesaler of Turkish towels based in İstanbul/Denizli Turkey. We only offer high quality towels. Now we are working hard to make sure customer receive high quality of these peshtemals.

Our company mission is to meet the customer demands and expectations at the highest level constantly by improving the current product and service quality, and to perform quality control and delivery processes in the best way.

   Our company vision is to use the highest quality products in the field of production by using the latest technology and to follow the trends of the world and the customer preferences in the specific markets and to make the products that are requested by them. Increasing efficiency and productivity, we will always do our best to develop our own methods in our own business and to provide the service in the desired time and quality with high discipline and business ethics.

Our aim as Balnea Home is to establish collaborations around the world and see our products all over the world. 

Why Choose Balnea Home?

  • Balnea Home are Manufacturer of our Products

  • A wide range of quality products

  • Balnea Home is working Wholesaler, Dealer and e-Commerce company from all over the World

  • Lowest Price(We offer the best price on the Market,Please get our Wholesale Price lists)or Flexible Prices

Where can you use Peshtemal Towels?

  • Beach,Pool or Bath Towels
  • Fitness and spa Towels
  • Travel or Backpacking
  • Yoga towels
  • Scarf and Shawl
  • Sarong or Pareo
  • Table and Chair cover   

Difference between regular towels and peshtemals:

  • Peshtemals are thinner than regular towels and takes up much less space.
  • Peshtemals are also known as multi-purpose towels.
  • Regular peshtemals are usually larger than average regular bath towels.
  • Even though high end regular towels can be more absorbent, peshtemals are very absorbent towels and even more absorbent than some. But one of the bigggest difference is that Turkish peshtemals dry quickly which also makes them preferable as beach towels.
  • Comparing to all other towels, peshtemals are considered very cool and stylish towels because of their dyes and designs.
  • You can tie peshtemals onto a beach bag and no need to pack an extra bag.

Peshtemals Main Features:

  • 100% Turkish Cotton
  • Absorbent and dries quickly.
  • Takes up very little space in your closet.
  • They are hand-loomed.
  • Very sylish and cool towels.
  • Multi-purpose towels not only for bathroom.
  • Large Size

How to Care For Peshtemals ?

  • Wash them before first use.
  • Machine wash cold.
  • You may add a small amount of white distilled vinegar to keep it extra fluffy
  • Air dry is the best but low heat will work as well.
  • The more you wash a Turkish peshtemal towel, the softer and more absorbent it becomes